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European Para Championships 2023 - English

European Para Championships 2023

From Tuesday 8th to Sunday 20th August 2023, the very first edition of the European Para Championships will take place in Rotterdam. The European Para Championships is a multisport event. The event will become a permanent part of the parasport calendar, returning to a major European city every four years. 1,500 athletes from 45 countries will compete against each other for the European titles and qualification for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. You can contribute to this special sporting event, because organising the European Para Championships would not be possible without volunteers!

Would you like to be part of this great event with us? Then sign up as an EventMaker for the European Para Championships Rotterdam!

What do you get from us?

Volunteers make the event! Because EventMakers are very important to us, we guarantee that you will be well looked after. We do this in the following ways:

  • You will meet lots of new people and get a unique behind-the-scenes look at a fantastic event;
  • You will receive a cool and unique clothing package in the style of the event;
  • You will get good food and drinks during the event;
  • We will get to know you in a personal way and see how we can best use your talent;
  • We will provide an inspiring kick-off meeting for all EventMakers.

What do we ask of you?

  • The event requires you to be available for a minimum of 4 days;
  • EventMakers are at least 16 years old on 8 August 2023;
  • EventMakers are at least proficient in Dutch or English;
  •  All EventMakers sign a volunteer agreement;
  • We ask a lot of enthusiasm, commitment, hospitality and passion for the event from all EventMakers;
  • Travel and accommodation costs are at your own expense.


During the European Para Championships, EventMakers are assigned to different functions. The different functions are shown below. For each function, a description of the team, the functions and your talent is given.

Accreditation & Ticketing

During the event, there are places on the event grounds where you can only gain access with a ticket or accreditation. Volunteers within this team are at the checkpoints where valid tickets and accreditation passes are checked. Also, within this team, you can help make and issue the entry passes to all the different target groups and/or help prepare, issue entry tickets.

Logical support

You are deployable for all kinds of logistical matters, such as organising the issue of postage, bike keys and other materials, supporting the production team. You are all-round deployable and enjoy helping wherever hands are needed at the time. It can sometimes involve physically demanding work.


There will be a number of catering outlets at the venue. For example, think of the Crew Cafe where all the crew comes to eat. The catering team ensures that the serving points are stocked and staffed during the event. You may also welcome guests and collect food tokens.

Your talent

Do you have an eye for detail and logistics and do you have the muscle to lug materials? Or are you enthusiastic and have an affinity with hospitality/catering? Are you also flexible? Then come and join one of the teams above!

Visitors Services

As a volunteer within the Visitors Services team, you will show visitors the way, check for tickets and keep an overview of visitor flows. You can also be deployed as a referrer within this function. As a referrer, you point people to their seats. In all positions, you are the first point of contact for visitors and are the face of the event, it is good to be aware of this.


The European Para Championships also include VIP guests. Hospitality is offered at the venue. Within this role, you will work as a host in the hospitality areas, handle access control and be the face and first point of contact for guests. There are also hosts in the hotels. Most participants and counsellors stay in hotels in and around Rotterdam. The hosts in the hotels welcome guests and provide information about the event and the city.

Your talent

Do you have an excellent command of the Dutch language in word and writing and can you manage in English? Are you communicative, friendly, sociable, enthusiastic, service-oriented and flexible? Do you enjoy making people feel welcome? Then come and join one of the teams above! It is a plus if you have an affinity with para sports.


The communications team will mainly focus on creating interesting content about the event for online channels such as the website, app, social media etc. Depending on your skills and interests, you will work on things like news articles, social media content or photographing the most beautiful and unique moments of the event.

Press & Media

The European Para Championships is a major international event that will certainly generate a lot of media attention. Therefore, it is important that press and media parties receive a warm welcome and are well supported. Volunteers within this team prepare the press centre, are responsible for welcoming the press and escorting the press to the media stands at the competition venues. They also assist TV crews and other media teams on site when necessary.

Your talent

Do you have a background in communications, journalism or social media? Or do you have knowledge of using computers, printers and relevant software? Are you stress-resistant, accurate, communicative and do you have an excellent level of Dutch or English in word and writing? Then come and join one of the above teams!


Within the EventMakers Services team, we work together to put on a fantastic event and create a close group of volunteers. You will help with all matters surrounding volunteer management. On site will be an EventMakers home where volunteers gather prior to their shift and can collect their clothing and catering vouchers, this is the drop-off point for all EventMakers. You will be the point of contact here, man the volunteer desk, and support EventMakers colleagues. This team also includes all-round EventMakers. From this position, you can be deployed in all positions and enjoy helping wherever hands are needed at that moment. Within this position, you are flexible, have a positive attitude and good communication skills.

Your talent

Do you master the Dutch language and can you manage in English? Are you a team player, communicative, friendly, sociable, enthusiastic, service-oriented and flexible? Do you enjoy making people feel welcome? Do you enjoy rolling up your sleeves within other projects as well if needed? Then sign up for team EventMakers Services!


A total of ten sports will be organised during EPC2023, namely para archery, para badminton, para cycling, goalball, wheelchair basketball, judo, boccia, shooting para sport, para taekwondo and wheelchair tennis. To organise the competitions, volunteers are needed to take care of all peripheral matters of the competition for the participants. For example, escorting the participants to the competition area, manning the sports information desk where sports are played or checking access control at places around the competition area. Within this team, you can also be deployed at the ceremonies organised after the finals.

Your talent

Do you have (some) knowledge of one of the participating sports and do you and your team want the fringe events of the competitions to run smoothly? Are you fluent in both Dutch and English? Are you a team player who is communicative, service-oriented, stress-resistant and flexible? Then come and join the competition team!

Of course, it could be that all positions seem like fun to you. In that case, please indicate no preference at your first preferred function.

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