Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships 2024

Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships 2024 (English)

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From Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 17, the Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships 2024 will take place in Rotterdam (Ahoy). In 2017, the World Short Track Championship in the Netherlands was already a spectacular success and despite covid-19, a World Cup was also held in 2021, where it was without an audience, in Dordrecht. In 2024, the Dutch short tracker athlethes may once again compete for the world title in their own country. This time with the support of the home crowd in the stands! From March 15 to 17, 2024, the world top of short track will report to Rotterdam Ahoy to battle for the highest podium.

Do you want to be part of this great event with us? Then sign up as an EventMaker for the Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships 2024! Registration is not yet open. Below you can read the first information about becoming a volunteer for this event.

What you get from us?

Volunteers make the event! Because EventMakers are very important to us, we guarantee that you will be well looked after. We do this in the following ways:

  • You will meet lots of new people and get a unique behind-the-scenes look at a fantastic event;
  • You will receive a cool and unique clothing package in the style of the event;
  • You will get good food and drinks during the event;
  • We will get to know you in a personal way and see how we can best use your talent;
  • We will provide an inspiring kick-off meeting for all volunteers.

What do we ask of you?

  • The event requires that you be available for the entire weekend (March 15-17, 2024);
  • EventMakers will be at least 18 years old on March 15, 2024;
  • EventMakers are at least proficient in Dutch or English;
  • All EventMakers sign a volunteer agreement;
  • We ask a lot of enthusiasm, commitment, hospitality and passion for the event from all EventMakers;
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are at your own expense.


During the Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships 2024, volunteers will be assigned to different functions. The different positions are listed below. For each function, a brief description of the team is given.


Within this role you will support organization on competition matters. These include roles around the rink, at ceremonies or as a doping chaperone. Having knowledge of short track is a plus in this role.

Information desk

In Ahoy, desks are set up during the event to serve as information desks. In this team you make sure that visitors are well informed and help them if they have questions. You have all the information of the event, program, training schedules and floor plans with which you can best inform the visitors.

Accreditation & Ticketing

During the event, there are places on the event grounds where you can only gain access with a ticket or accreditation. Volunteers within this team are at the checkpoints where valid tickets and accreditation passes are checked. Also, within this team, you can help create and issue the accreditation passes to all the different audiences and/or help prepare, issue admission tickets.


At various places in Ahoy, volunteers are ready to direct all visitors to the correct seats. This group of referrers are at the stands as well as at the entrance or around the arena.

The Nederlandse Loterij ISU World Short Track Championships is a major international event that is sure to generate a lot of media attention. Therefore, it is important that the press and media parties receive a warm welcome and are well supervised. Volunteers within this team prepare the percent center, are responsible for welcoming the press and will be schedules as a runner or all round media volunteer.

Within the Catering team, you will assist the caterer in serving catering to all crew, officials and participants. You will help both in the Crew Café, and elsewhere in Ahoy. Because some people cannot leave their positions, this team also brings catering around.

It might be the case that all the positions seem like fun to you. If so, please indicate no preference at your first preferred function.

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